поддерживает соединения через socks5

    (0) If you are not using Linux, please refer to the README for further information and limitations of your port!

Irix: .tardist

FreeBSD: port

NetBSD: 0.5.4 port Guys, have you considered updating the package description to include my name?

OpenBSD: 0.5.3 port

AIX: 0.5.3 AIX .tar.gz

Solaris 8 / SunOS 5.8: 0.5.2 pkg

Mac OS X: 0.5.1 Fink .deb (unstable)

Mac OS X: Fink .deb (stable) Fink .deb (unstable)

Solaris 9 / SunOS 5.9: 0.5 .pkg.gz