a very compatible ICQ Client


History more bug fixes, fix to login procedure, XMPP auto-relogin, licq bug workarounds lots of bug fixes 0.5.4: OTR (for ICQ and XMPP), md5 login, no more assertion failed on too long messages, ask for all not given passwords before trying to do any login, bug fixes 0.5.3: much improved Jabber integration, configurable prompt, *g(v) and (e)wide now handle wide characters correctly, fix history command fd leak, fix discarding of configured connections 0.5.2: login fixes, AIM compatibility, rudimentary Jabber support 0.5.1: bug fixes, another peek fix, peekall command / peekme option, autoauto option, some preparations for MSN general auto-expanding aliases, peek fixed again fix two bugs introduced in last version translation (ru) and bug fix update, contact list handling somewhat improved, auto-expanding r and a aliases translation (ru, pt) and bug fix update 0.5: the you-really-want-to-upgrade release: contact list upload, new command line parameters, UTF-8 input handling, per-contact configurability, better online help, more colorful output, lots of fixes. beta release 0.4.12: improve history commands, OpenSSL support, bug fixes 0.4.11: add history dump and search commands, bug fixes and translation updates bug fixes and translation updates, removed bug and security fixes & translation updates, SSL and TCL scripting support bug fixes & translation updates bug fixes & translation updates bug fixes & translation updates 0.4.10: autosaving, autofingering, new event script handling, contact meta data saving, contact groups, log file utils, ^C handler, acknowledged message sending, remote control via a FIFO, send and receive UTF-8 encoded message, ASCII art mICQ logo, command aliases, tiny history fix/improve file transfer, Peter Backes' new log file format, recognize most clients, capabilities support, dump packets following a syntax definition, allow quoting of parameters Introduce new web pages style and convert most files to it. file transfer (v6/v7/v8), customizable colors, ~-expansion, fixes as usual :-), more translations fix type-4-message corruption fixes, man pages translated, much less memory leaks, contact list download added script to convert licq contacts to mICQ I apologize for the recent Downtime of www.micq.org - i had to recompile apache due to exploits, finally we're up again with apache 1.3.26+ipv6+php 4.2.1 0.4.9: fixes, translation updates, automatic reconnects & responses, birthday flag, man page & help texts 0.4.8.pl10: i18n fix, togig vs toginvis vs hermit, quiet mode, v8 p2p, and top secret 0.4.8.pl9: SMS sending, password changing, character conversion 0.4.8.pl8: random chat group support, fixes 0.4.8.pl7: complete search support, fixes 0.4.8.pl6: SOCKS5 support, setup wizard, UIN registration, fixes, fixes, fixes 0.4.8.pl5: add/remove contacts, be invisible, be visible by / ignore contact 0.4.8.pl4: offline msgs, receiving msgs, ui improvements 0.4.8.pl3: password and other fixes 0.4.8.pl2: with basic support of v8 0.4.8.pl1: fix minor glitch of not creating ~/.micq/ 0.4.8: with peer-to-peer (TCP) support 0.4.7 0.4.6.pl4: new i18n code